H.264 Metal Housing Surveillance Onvif Network WiFi 2.0MP 33X Zoom P2P CCTV IP PTZ Camera

H.264 Metal Housing Surveillance Onvif Network WiFi 2.0MP 33X Zoom P2P CCTV IP PTZ Camera

●1/2.8" 2.0Megapixel SONY CMOS
●33x optical zoom
●IR distance 150 m,product life can reach 30,000 hours.
●H.264 Encoding
●Motion detection
●level of protection IP66
●Support Hi-PoE/P2P
●Support WIFI function
●Support builtin Micro SD card upto 128 GB
●Full metal casing

Product Details

H.264 Metal Housing Surveillance Onvif Network WiFi 2.0MP 33X Zoom P2P CCTV IP PTZ Camera



Signal model


Image sensor

1/2.8" CMOS

Effective pixel


Horizontal resolution


Minimum illumination


S/N radio


Backlight compensation


White balance


Electronic shutter

PAL:1/25~1/100000s NTSC:1/30~1/100000s


Focus length


Optical focus


Focus system



Alarm  Input:


Alarm  Output:


Alarm  Actions:

Preset, Patrol, Pattern, Recording, upload FTP, email linkage


Audio  Input:

1 Mic in/Line in interface
Line input: 2-2.4V[p-p]; output impedance: 1KΩ, ±10%

Audio  Output:

1 Audio output interface
Line level,impedance: 600Ω


IR distance


IR light control

Intelligent control technology

IR light angle

Infrared zoom matching technology

IR light power

Manual setting

IR on


IR life


Pan and Tilt

Horizontal range

360°Continuous rotation

Vertical range


Preset call speed

Max 200°/S

Manual call speed




Cruise track

8 groups, each group for 16 presets

Patrol track

4 groups, each group record 3 mins


Video compression

H.264 Main Profile encoding ;
MJPEG / JPEG Baseline encoding

Audio compression

G.711, G.726

Primary stream

1920 * 1080 , 25fps

Secondary stream

704*576, 640*480, 352*288, 320*240, 25fps

Video bit rate

32Kbps-16Mbps continuously adjustable, support CBR / VBR

Network protocol


ONVIF support



Cooling Structure

Dustproof structure outside the circle

protection level


Power supply




Work temperature


hot tags

network wifi 33X ptz camera 2.0MP

H.264 full HD ptz camera 2.0MP

optical 33x zoom ptz camera 2.0MP

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HD Intelligent Speed 

Dome Camera
User Manual
Please read this manual carefully before you install and operate the IP dome camera.

Transportation Security

Heavy stress, violent vibration or water splash are not allowed during transportation, storage. Every unit should be transported in separated packing. In shipments of distributor and delivery of maintenance, any damages caused by integral packing are not covered by warranty.

Installation Security

It has 2 installation ways: wall mounting and ceiling mounting, avoid mixing installation!
The dome camera must be handle with care! Avoid heavy stress and violent vibration during installation. Don’t touch the dome cover directly by hand. When connecting the power source, please follow all electric safety standards and only use the power supply designed for this device. Keep the video and control signal in a decent distance with high voltage devices and cable. Don’t apply power to dome before finishing the installation.

Don’t remove

Internal removing, assembly, repair and operations should be only performed by our company or qualified service personnel.
●Electrical Safety
The video image would be interfered when the dome is installed from Television, radio transmitter, voltage changer and audio amplifier.
●Camera Protection
Avoid shooting very bright objects directly into the camera (such as the sun or light fittings) and avoid fixating the camera lens on bright static object for long time, as it will cause Irreparable damage to the camera.
●Cleaning Method
Avoid heavy stress and violent vibration! Please don’t use abrasive and violent detergent to clean the dome. Please choose dry fabric and neutral detergent. And please use lens paper to clean the lens.
●Please use our product according the work environmental standards.

Ⅰ、Computer IE Web Browser 

1、Dome camera connect with the local area network(LAN) or connect with computer directly, make sure the network segment of computer IP is “1”, open the computer IE browser, input default IP:, as below picture:
image001.png Pic.1
2、Refresh the log in interface then user can enter into the log interface, as below picture:


3、Input the default User Name: admin, Password:12345, click “log in” enter into camera’s control interface, as below picture:

4、If you land unsuccessfully, please make sure the camera access to network correctly. You can test it via following methods:
① Open computer, click menu “Start”—”Run”, input “cmd” will appear following dialog box:



② Input “ping”, as following picture:


Click Enter, it means connection is successful if showing as the data below:



If showing following data, there is a wrong connection, please again.

If there is a wrong connection, please connect again, then repeat step2, until connect successfully.

Ⅱ、Key Button Explanation




Control  the horizontal and vertical movement of the camera ,and open/close automatic  scan








Speed  adjustment of PTZ


open/close  Lamp light




close/open  video


main/sub  code stream change


3D  function switch


Sound  Monitor


Full  screen

Ⅲ、IE UI Operation
1Shortcut operation buttons



image023.pngThe button of close/open video, the default is opened.

image024.pngIf the buttons of the main/sub code stream change, the default is main stream.

image025.pngThe button of sound monitor (camera with audio function), the default is closed.

image026.pngThe button of 3D function switch, the default is closed.

image027.pngThe button of Full screen switch, the default is none full screen.

2PTZ button




image040.pngLeft top;image041.pngRight top;image042.pngLeft down; image043.pngRight down;
image044.pngAutomatic line scan; image045.pngZoom in and zoom out ; image047.pngFocus;image049.png;Aperture; image051.pngPan&tilt speed;
image052.pngIR light;image053.pngWipers(optional);
3Preset setup
①Preset setup, call, delete


As image 11, turn the PTZ cam to the position where you need, and click image055.pngto setup, click image056.pngto call, clickimage057.png to delete

②Cruise setup ,call, delete

Click image059.pngcan choose 8 cruise;
Clickimage060.pngadd the preset which you need, and setup the cruise time and speed, each cruise support max 16 presets as below


After adding required preset, please click image062.pngto save the cruise, as below


Clickimage065.png to call this cruise, click image066.pngto stop the cruise
Click image067.pngto delete the preset in the cruise, click image068.pngcan edit the preset in the cruise, after deleting and editing, clickimage062.png to save.

4Scan settings
Support A, B two points auto scan, random scan, pattern scan
Random scan
Clickimage069.pngto call 360 degree random scan, click again to stop;


AB two dots automatic scan
Rotate the dome camera to the needed position, click image071.pngto set up the left limited position of scan;
Rotate the dome camera to the needed position, click image072.pngto set up the right limited position of scan;
Then click image073.pngthus can start the scan of the set up area between A,B two dots; click it again to stop scanning

Pattern scan
Support 4 pattern scan routes
Click image074.pngto start to record the track route of patrol scan, after finishing recording click image075.pngto stop recording;
Click image076.pngto start the pattern of patrol scan, click it again to stop scanning;

Menu Of Dome Camera
1For 1st version speed dome camera ,Call 95# preset enter the menu of dome camera, see picture below:

Pic. 15-1(V1)
01 is information of module specification, resolution, frame rate;
02 is open/close zoom display, default is closed;
03 is white balance, multiple patterns are selectable defaults to ATW(auto white balance)
04 is day/night change, defaults to AUTO;
05 is Gamma of day;
06 is Gamma of night;
07 is Auto sens up, defaults is closed.
08 is BLC function, defaults is closed.
09 is DWDR function, defaults is closed.
10 is function of light passing through fog, default is closed;
11 is left and right mirror function, default is closed;
12 is up and down mirror function, default is closed;
13 is 3D noise reduction function;
14 is auto gain control function;
15 is brightness adjustment function;
16 is contrast adjustment;
17 is Saturation adjustment.
18 is Sharpness adjustment;
19 is factory reset;
20 is save and exit;
Function illustration:
①open 08 BLC function, it is suitable for strong backlighting environment, for example under the scene of the automotive lighting is broken, you need the recognize the license plate;
②open 09 DWDR function, it is suitable for such backlighting environment such as lighting outside the window, under the environment of needing to see the prospect indoor and outdoor;
③open 10light passing through fog function, it is suitable for foggy weather, the camera can penetrate the clouds, to observe the forward scene clearly;
④open 3Dnoise reduction function, can eliminate the clutter in the clouds effectively, make the image clear, fine and smooth;

2For 2nd version speed dome camera, call NO.95 preset, and enter to the Menu of the speed dome camera, as follow picture:
Option “1” is the Mirror image for left and right: ON/ OFF
Option “2” is the flip function: ON/OFF
Option “3” is the zoom display: ON/OFF
Option”4” is to adjust the sharpness: User can set it, the default is 192.
Option”5” is to adjust the AGC: User can set it, the default is 8.
Option”6” is to restore defaults.
Option”7” is to exit

Pic. 15-2(V2)
Function description
①Option “1” is the Mirror image for left and right: If turn on, the camera image is opposite to the real image for left-right direction.
②Option “2” is the Flip function: If turn on, the camera image is opposite to the real image for up and down direction.
③Option “3” is the zoom display on/off: if turn on, it will display the zoom when zoom in/out at the left bottom of the screen.
④Option”4” is to adjust the sharpness value of camera module, and user can set it as liked image.
⑤Option”5” is to adjust the AGC value of camera module, and user can set it as liked image.

Config Management
Base configuration
Click “config” to set the parameters of the camera as needs, see picture as below:



The system menu contains information, such as “version”, “time”, “maintain”.
Version: it can check the equipment ID of the camera, software version information etc.
Time: it can set and synchronize the time of the dome camera。
Maintain: it can reset the dome, simple recovery, complete recovery, system integration to the dome camera.

The network menu contains information like “ETH” ,”services”.
ETH: It can modify the IP address, gateway, DNS etc of the camera.
Services: It can check the dome camera’s message port, RTSP port, HTTP port, RTMP port.


Note: If you rewrite the “IP address”, click the “Save” button to storage the data; if you rewrite the network segment at same time, remember to rewrite the gateway. For example, the IP address is, the gate way need to be rewritten as, then save it. If not, it will be connection fail.

3.Audio & Video(AV)
The specification in the audio and video OSD menu,

It can be set for the stream type, frame rate, code rate and other information.

The image menu includes the information of “Display”, “OSD”, “Video mask”, “ICR”.

Pic. 19
Display: It can be set for the brightness, contrast ratio, mirror image flip (on/off) Demist (on/off), BLC(backlight compensation) function.
OSD: The code rate, time, video information can be optionally display on the screen.
Video mask: There are 4 privacy masking region can be set for each channel.
ICR: The switch model can be set for the IR LED.

The safe Menu is used to the management of the Administrator.

Pic. 20

Advance config
Event menu include the setup of the motion detect, Hide detect, IO alarm, abnormal, alarm snap.

Motion detect: In the setting Time Bucket, if anyone break in and take a action with alarm, it can auto alarm via the video, Email or FTP.
Hide detect: when the camera was masked, it can be auto alarming by Email, Video and FTP.
IO alarm: Setting the external alarming model of input and output (the speed dome camera need be supported)
Abnormal: It can be alarming when no HDD, the HDD is full, HDD is wrong, no internet and IP address conflict.
Alarm snap: It can be set capture the photo or not when action alarm, and the interval time can be set.

2. Store
Store menu contains ptz dome camera "Record", "Disk ", "time snap" function.

Pic. 22
Record: Set recording time, stream type and other information
Disk: Management of TF card (Need to insert TF card into ptz dome camera)
Time snap: Set timing capture and capture interval time

3. PTZ
PTZ dome camera menu contains "PTZ ", the "task", "Park Action" function.

Pic. 23
PTZ: Reflect PTZ dome configuration information/
Task: Set the ptz dome camera in the implementation of some period to execute actions, such as dispatching presets, cruise, auto scanning, random scan, and dispatching track,etc.;
Park action: Set camera idle time without any operation, perform automatically by setting action, such as using presets, dispatching the cruise, auto scan, random scan, and dispatching the track,etc.

4. Status
Status menu shows hardware status, storage video, channel status, channel stream of the speed dome camera.
image095.png Pic. 23
Hardware Status: It could real-time display information of the speed dome camera hardware configuration.
Storage Video: It could real-time display using condition of SD card in the speed dome camera (need to insert SD card in the speed dome camera)
Channel Status: It could real-time display the working status of the speed dome camera.
Channel Stream: It could real-time display code stream information of the speed dome camera.

Ⅵ、Instruction List






Start  recording track 1

Setup  preset 41

Operate the track 1,
   If the preset can’t be deleted,you can stop record by calling the track.

Stop  recording track 1

Delete  preset41

Calling  track 1

Calling preset 41

Start  recording track 2

Setup  preset 42

Operate the track 2

Stop  recording track 2

Delete  preset 42

Calling  track 2

Calling  preset 42

Start  recording track 3

Setup  preset 43

Operate the track 3

Stop  recording track 3

Delete  preset 43

Calling  track 3

Calling  preset 43

Start  recording track 4

Setup  preset 44

Operate the track 4

Stop  recording track 4

Delete  preset 44

Calling  track 4

Calling  preset 44


Calling  the Menu of the camera module

Setup/Calling  preset 45


Setup  left limit

Setup/Calling  preset 46

Setup  left limit

Setup  right limit

Setup/Calling  preset 47

Setup  right limit

A  to B scanning

Setup/Calling  preset 48

A  to B scanning


360degree  scanning

Setup/Calling  preset 49

Default scanning speed is 1


Pan&Tilt speed 1

Setup/Calling  preset 50

Setup Pan& Tilt  speed

Pan&Tilt speed 2

Setup/Calling  preset 51

Pan&Tilt speed 3

Setup/Calling  preset 52

Pan&Tilt speed 4

Setup/Calling  preset 53

Pan&Tilt speed 5

Setup/Calling  preset 54


Scanning  speed 1

Setup/Calling  preset 60

Setup Scanning  speed

Scanning  speed 2

Setup/Calling  preset 61

Scanning  speed 3

Setup/Calling  preset 62

Scanning  speed 4

Setup/Calling  preset 63

Scanning  speed 5

Setup/Calling  preset 64

1、Stop recording track:If the presets can’t be deleted,you can stop record by calling the track;
2、Stop calling track:The operation to control Pan & Tilt, it can stop calling track.

After-Sales Service

Dear user, in order to get the high quality service for the speed dome camera, please read the below service charters.

We can offer the service of limited warranty and life-long maintenance

(1)In the limited warranty (within 24 month from getting the camera), you can enjoy the maintenance free service. Note: improper operation, man-made fault and other irresistible reasons are excluding of the limited warranty.

(2)If beyond 24 months from you getting the camera, our company promises that we will provide a payment that if customer needs maintenance service for life.

Repair response time

(1)When the camera arrives at our company, the response service is within 24 hours.

(2)The customer need contact our company staff before sending camera back; if not, customer will be responsible for the risk of untimely repair.

In the warranty period, our company offer free repair; but it will pay for the material

cost when include any of below situation:
(1) It is damaged due to not follow the manual to operate.
(2) It is damaged due to lightning, fire disaster and other force majeure factors.
(3) It is damaged due to matching with other poor design products, which produced by other manufacturer.
Because of continuous new technology, so there is no further notice for change of specifications.
Company has the authority to ultimate interpretation for the manual.


Appendix I: Lightning and Surge Protection

This product is adopted the protection circuit which is composed of the gas discharge tube and TVS diode. It can effectively prevent the damage of equipment by transient lightning under 3.0 kV, surge and other kinds of pulse signal. But, for outdoor installation, we should do the necessary protective measure on the premise of guarantee the electrical safety according to the actual situation. 

1.Signal transmission lines must keep at least 50 meters with the high voltage equipment or high voltage cable.

2.You shall choose to wire under the eave when you wire outside.

3.For empty area, you must wire through the way of sealing steel pipe buried, and also the steel pipe need to be earthed in one-point. Wiring overhead is absolutely forbidden.

4.In strong thunderstorms or high induction voltage region (e.g., high voltage transformer substation), It must be taken measures to add extra high power lightning protection equipment and install lightning rod or other measures

5.Lightning protection of outdoor installation and wiring and grounding design must be combined with the building lightning protection requirements into consideration, as well as conform to the requirements of relevant national standards and industry standards 

6.The way of equipotential grounding is necessary for the system. Grounding device must meet requirements of the system anti-interference and electrical safety, and it cannot null line short or mixed wire with strong power grid. System separate grounding, grounding resistance is not greater than 4Ω.

Appendix II: Basic Troubleshooting
1. PTZ can’t be controlled?
A: Check equipment IE interface RS485 parameter control protocol and baud rate to see if it is correct or not.
2. IE explorer or client-sdie can connect successfully, but there is no image. The video windows are all black?
A: First check whether the IP address is the same with other network camera within the network; Checking whether the graphics driver or ActiveX control is installed correctly or not.
3. Why the NVR can't search the camera, or it can be searched, but it can't be connected?
A: Make sure the Onvif protocol is compatible between NVR and camera, and the IP address of the NVR and camera must in the same network segment.
4. I have more than 250 units IP camera, how to assign IP addresses?
A: You can use the second type IP, such as mask: IP address, please consult to your network administrator.
5. I just received two cameras, why the first can visit, the second can’t to visit?
A: For convenient debugging, every network IP camera uses the same default IP address. But each camera’s MAC address is not the same, and the operating system will cache IP and MAC address information of the former network camera, so the second network camera with the same IP address will can’t visit.